Community of Hope is an outdoor venue for community groups with leadership. We have 40 acres for groups to renew their spirits in the natural setting of the North Georgia outdoors. We also have an additional 250 acres available for larger groups and retreats.

Community of Hope offers outdoor hiking and activities to promote the exploration, education and stewardship of nature.

We want to provide a welcoming venue for the gathering of community and faith-based groups to teach the values of service, stewardship and self-control through outdoor experiences.

founders-community-of-hopeKaren and Raymond Cash
Founders of Community of Hope

Karen and Raymond loved watching children and young people react to being outdoors where they could experience the freedom to run, fish, play and hike without all the pressures of the world’s worries. This gave them the idea of maintaining the farm as a place groups could come and revel in God’s magnificent world.

Cherokee County has changed over the last several years and according to the latest Census report is only 17.1% rural. Karen and Raymond chose to utilize the undeveloped property for outdoor learning experiences for kids from 1-99, including veterans, the elderly and the handicapped. They believe in the power of the community to take care of their environment, animals, families and children.